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Shelby County has been blessed with a lot of great assets, but I don’t have to tell you that we also face enormous challenges. Many of these challenges are the result of a lack of great jobs and access to a quality education, which in turn leads to crime, poverty and blight and less money in everyone’s pocket.

We must hammer away at these challenges; and in doing so, I’m convinced we can and will take what’s wrong and make it right and take what’s good and make it even better.

As I have traveled around Shelby County and listened to you, I have heard you loud and clear—we need to focus on great jobs, great schools, safe streets, and putting more money in your pocket.


It’s critical that our next Mayor knows how to create jobs and bring in more investment across Shelby County. And when I say jobs, I’m not just saying any job, I’m saying great, good-paying jobs. I’ve done that in my 20-year career in the financial services industry and I’m ready to do it as your County Mayor.

That means ensuring that our citizens have the skills and resources needed to compete for the jobs of the future and continuing to work with other local leaders, state government and the private sector to ensure we foster a business-friendly environment.


We need a Mayor who knows that the opportunity for a great job follows a great education. I learned the skills of teamwork, sweat, discipline and persistence at an early age with my lawn care business in high school and from playing college football. I’m ready to put those skills to work as your County Mayor.

We must continue to make smart investments in our county’s schools, encourage innovation, and reward our teachers who constantly go the extra mile. As Mayor, I’ll assign a dedicated education liaison within the Mayor’s office to work directly with our school systems to ensure all stakeholders are working in lockstep so that every child has access to a great education and a brighter future.


We need a Mayor who recognizes that it takes an all-hands-on-deck effort among the public, private and faith-based communities to make our communities safe.

We need to be tough on crime while being smart on crime. That means truly addressing the underlying issues that drive our crime rate. The pervasiveness of addiction and mental health issues cannot be solved by incarceration. I support investing more in court-monitored drug treatment for those who need it most while working with law enforcement and prosecutors to get the violent, repeat offenders off our streets.

And, as Mayor, we’ll work together to aggressively implement and expand juvenile intervention programs with the goal of giving our youth a pathway to success instead of a pathway to hopelessness and despair.


Finally, we need a Mayor who knows how to put more money in your pocket by getting more done with less. I did it in the private sector and I did it as your Trustee. Now, I’m ready to do it as your County Mayor.

Every family in our community has to make tough decisions about where they can cut back spending, how to pay off the credit card, and how to save up for the unexpected. But for too long, too many politicians act like a budget doesn’t apply to them. Our government should be held to the same standard as our taxpayers.

As Mayor, we’ll keep your taxes low, continue to slash our county’s debt, and bolster the “rainy day” fund so that we’re prepared for the unexpected.